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Summer Immersion

The YSF Summer Immersion Program provides a space where students can deeply reflect on their educational path and its connection to soccer and their future goals.

Through various activities and a thoughtful schedule for the week, YSF equips participants with accessible tools and resources to help develop a long-term vision of their college goals and take ownership of their recruitment process.

Immersion in a College Environment

A full campus tour is an important piece of our summer program allowing students to better understand different college types and learn how to identify their best suited options based on personal and academic interests. Students get a real sense of college life by living in the dorms, eating in the dining halls and meeting in campus common areas throughout the week. For many first-generation players, this is the first time they have ever been on a college campus.


Students engage in daily interactive activities on relevant topics such as: the current landscape of US colleges and soccer programs, college admission requirements, financial aid, marketing oneself, athletic self-monitoring and how to write a standout college essay. Students also take one full SAT practice test during the week. In addition to the wealth of education provided, students can share ideas with their peers and review important aspects of their college planning and recruitment process.


Students learn from the real-life experiences of successful professionals who are connected to the world of soccer. In the past, students have heard from accomplished business leaders such as Brad Rothenberg of BRC Group, an international marketing agency focused on Latino amateur athletes. Additionally, students connect with pro players and entrepreneurs such as Ryan Guy, formerly of the New England Revolution, and Servando Carrasco, currently of the LA Galaxy. Speakers provide students the opportunity to witness firsthand how soccer can be used as a vehicle for life changing opportunities.

Exposure to
College Coaches

As part of their participation in the YSF program, students may have the opportunity to compete in one or more of the country’s top recruiting events facilitated by Surf Cup Sports in San Diego. This highly competitive platform provides invaluable exposure to college coaches for recruitment purposes. Participation is contingent on the student’s willingness to maintain a high work ethic in the classroom.

Please join us as we work to provide resources, education, and inspiration to first generation low-income scholar athletes who are passionate about the game of soccer and their education.

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