• Alberto and Gloria are the definition of a perfect dynamic duo at what they do, and they’re the best at what needs to happen for kids to be a step ahead into college. The amount of stress taken off my shoulders felt greater than no other feeling, because they did the unthinkable for me and the unthinkable is another day in the office for them. Having them by my side is a huge honor, because not only do they help me with college needs they also help me improve as a person and other attributes within me. Thank you, Gloria and Alberto for being you and always guiding me towards the right path.

    – Mario (student athlete)

  • So far, my experience with the YSF staff has been nothing but beneficial. To have a group of people who genuinely care to help and are willing to guide you in your search for a college is awesome. Although I still may not be committed right now, my exposure has grown exponentially with the help of Beto and I feel that committing to a college is something I see in the near future. Furthermore, Gloria has guided me through my financial situation and has strengthen my confidence for my upcoming SAT through proactive prep courses. I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this program and for the people that help run it.

    – Troy (student athlete)

  • It has been an honor and privilege working with Beto, Gloria, and everyone else from YSF. At first, I was a bit worried about only receiving interest from only a few colleges and being forced to attend one I did not really like. However, through YSF, I was able to connect with coaches from all over the US and, ultimately, choose a college that I truly wanted to attend. The overall process can be a very stressful time. It was especially stressful for my family and me, since I was the first to be a recruited athlete and the first to attend a 4-year university. YSF has been there for us every step of the way. The thing that stands out to me the most about this program is the effort and kindness they put into each individual. They care about you as a student, an athlete, and, most importantly, as a person.”

    – Ricardo (student athlete)

  • Working with Alberto and Gloria has been a very good experience for me. They really care about our future, and really want to help us find the right college fit after high school. Thank you both!

    – Bryan (student athlete)

  • My experience working with the YSF staff has been surreal in educating me about the next step in life and helping me get there. Beto, Gloria and the rest of the YSF staff treated me with a high level of professionalism, while maintaining a personal connection to really get to know me. I will always be thankful for your services.

    – Jose (student athlete)

  • Many times, people have devalued my dreams and hard work. Mr. Beto and the Yours in Soccer Foundation have given me and my family hope. They have restored my dreams to be a clinical psychologist affordable to families, while doing what I love. Without Mr. Beto and the program I would have been done with futbol and school. I was considering dropping out. I am truly blessed and grateful to be part of the program's story.

    - Donald (student athlete)

  • I am beyond grateful for Yours In Soccer and the opportunities that they have given me. Their help has allowed me to proceed with my soccer career as well as my schooling. Thank you for being my biggest support group and making my goal a reality.

    - Brenda (student athlete)

  • The program really helped me to know more about applying to college and really got me interested in going to college. Beto helped me to get to know more about college and also find out which college would be the best fit for me. As a soccer player that didn't really enjoy school, I found out that going to college would be a great thing to do because it will allow me to follow my soccer dream and also study.

    - Javier (student athlete)

  • My experience with Alianza U/YSF and specifically Alberto Vega, was nothing short of amazing. The recruitment process was a very hectic point in my life, with being a part of FCDA, a high school student, and trying to find the perfect university at the same time. With the help of Alberto I was able to regain focus on my studies and work on the field, while having the clarity and reassurance knowing there was someone always working to find the best college fit for me.

    - Rafael (student athlete)

  • Throughout my time in YSF I have gotten closer to my goal of playing at a collegiate level. I have been in more contact with college coaches and thanks to my athletic advisor Beto, I have been able to gather more information about colleges.

    - Raul (student athlete)

  • Thank you so much for your support in my dreams and goals of playing soccer at the college level. I will be forever grateful for the doors you have opened in my life being that three college coaches have found interest in me.

    - Fabrizio (student athlete)

  • The YSF soccer foundation has helped me understand what the college intake process for athletes looks like, and because of this I feel like I have more opportunities.

    - Anita (student athlete)

  • Yours in Soccer is helping me play in such a high level and I love it. My personal skills and my confidence as a goalkeeper have improved this past year that Yours in Soccer has been helping me.

    - Joseph (student athlete)

  • If not for YSF and your generous contributions many of these low income first generation boys would not have roster spots today.

    - Soccer Scholars