Student Highlights

Class of 2018

Ashish is from Fremont, California. He is part of a family of four and is the first in his family to attend college. After joining the YSF Mentorship Program at the end of his junior year, he recognized the benefits that playing college soccer could afford him and his family and became determined to accomplish the goal of completing a higher education. Ashish took advantage of YSF resources such as test preparation and participation in the Summer Program which exposed him to college coaches. He was accepted into the University of San Francisco’s Men’s Soccer Program, where he played two seasons. He has recently transferred to the University of California, Irvine where he is majoring in Sociology and plans to finish his last two soccer seasons.

Class of 2019

Noel is from Van Nuys, California. He is part of a family of five and is a first-generation student athlete. Noel grew up deeply aware of his parents’ sacrifices which fueled his motivation to be successful and make his family proud. While taking part in the YSF Summer Program, Noel made the decision to commit to Cornell University’s Men’s Soccer Program where he is a sophomore. Noel has heavily influenced his younger brother to follow in his footsteps as a dedicated student athlete determined to play collegiate soccer.  

Class of 2019

Troy is from Long Beach, California. He is part of a family of six and is a first-generation student athlete. He had the opportunity to participate in the YSF Summer Program and was immediately connected to test preparation resources. Although Troy is a phenomenal student athlete with a strong academic profile, he hadn’t been fully exposed to the various benefits of all NCAA divisions. He came to appreciate the value of a well-rounded Division III program that met all his personal, academic, and athletic needs. Troy decided to commit to the Claremont McKenna Men’s Soccer Program where he has played a key role on the team as a freshman. 

Class of 2021 

Brandon is from Palo Alto, California. He is part of a family of four and is a first-generation college bound student athlete. Brandon initially joined the YSF mentorship program when he was in the 8th grade. Since then, he has remained determined to reach his goal of playing college soccer and benefitted from YSF resources such as test preparation. As a junior in high school, Brandon has committed to UCLA Men’s Soccer Program and will be joining the Bruin family in the fall of 2021. 

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