The Power of Partnerships

Yours in Soccer believes in the power of partnerships and the pooling of resources. We work to build strategic relationships with other organizations that are in alignment with YSF's mission and share common goals, such as:

  • enabling needs-based scholar athletes to participate in the same competitive youth soccer environment as their peers, including events with a high level of exposure to college coaches/programs,
  • educating scholar athletes and their families about the high academic standards required to be considered for acceptance into a college or university best suited for the student athlete,
  • providing guidance through mentorship and enrichment programs, with a focus on the development of well-rounded scholar athletes who understand the importance of self-advocacy and personal growth,
  • helping student athletes determine the best college match based on the student athlete's academic strength, athletic ability, long-term academic goals and personal preferences.

YSF is committed to expanding its outreach, but can only do this with like-minded partners who are dedicated to supporting scholar athletes with potential for higher education and college soccer.

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