Creating Opportunities

Creating opportunities for the underserved high school scholar athlete is YSF's focus. Our team works to facilitate a proactive, thorough and honest plan for scholar athletes who are serious about pursuing college placement. By connecting scholar athletes with qualified mentors, academic advisors and athletic advocates, YSF believes that the power of knowledge and connectivity with resources will create opportunities that would have otherwise been missed.

Yours in Soccer believes that scholar athletes from low socio-economic communities can be competitive in the college recruitment and placement process if:

  • they and their parents are educated about the college admission requirements early on in their high school career,
  • they are properly assessed both academically and athletically,
  • they are advised on how to identify colleges and universities for which they are best suited academically, athletically and socially,
  • they are connected to a resource rich support system and utilize it frequently,
  • they understand the importance of self-advocacy and are educated on how to best promote themselves to both athletic and admissions college personnel,
  • they understand how their participation in sport can provide empowerment and opportunities,
  • they are highly self-motivated to seek out advice and use their resources.