Who We Are

From left to right: Jerome Simon, Kerri McClellan and Beto Vega

Jerome Simon, Founder

Jerome is a life-long soccer enthusiast, who believes in sport for youth development and conceived YSF as a force for positive change in the outcomes of young people. Jerome has been an investment professional since graduating from Stanford Graduate School of Business in 1990.

Kerri McClellan, Executive Director

Kerri grew up playing soccer and enjoyed Division 1 collegiate play at University of California, Berkeley. Since graduating from Cal in 1992, Kerri has been involved with non-profit work focusing on the importance of youth involvement in sports and empowering athletes with opportunities and resources to pursue their personal ambitions.

Beto Vega, Program Director

Alberto "Beto" Vega, grew up playing competitive club soccer in his hometown of San Diego, California. While Beto is truly passionate about soccer, he is equally committed to educational advancement in underrepresented communities, leading him to complete a Masters in Social Welfare at UCLA. Beto has extensive experience providing social services to diverse populations in places like Oakland, Los Angeles, San Diego, and in Latin America. This background allows Beto to develop a holistic understanding of student athlete needs to offer culturally relevant support in order to help students develop skills for collegiate success.

Gloria Calderon Vega, Academic Advisor

Gloria supports YSF students and their families by providing guidance through the college preparation and admissions process. She develops workshops, presentations, materials, and other resources for YSF with the goal of empowering students to achieve their educational goals and ensure they transition successfully into college.

Yedi Wong, Treasurer

Yedi serves as the YSF's treasurer and oversees the accounting, finance and tax responsibilities. In addition to supervising the annual budget and prioritizing grant making opportunities, Yedi assists the executive director with building strategic relationships and monitoring the foundation's local and regional impact.

Leslie Donaldson

Leslie Donaldson, Secretary

Leslie serves as the assistant to both the president and the executive director of the foundation. Leslie handles all aspects of the foundation's operational duties including payroll and expense reports, correspondence to program participants and website/social media content. Leslie also works to maintain the integrity of Yours in Soccer's financial and legal record keeping.

Avery Schwartz, Mentor

Avery serves as a mentor to YSF scholars in the Los Angeles area. He provides advice, support, and guidance to help scholars navigate the college soccer recruiting process.

Simone LaValle

Simone LaValle, Mentor

Simone mentors YSF students academically with a focus on good study habits by developing efficient study skills. Time management is pivotal in being successful academically and soccer-wise to establish a solid foundation for collegiate soccer opportunities.